Wood Clad Windows

Perhaps you are considering remodeling your home, or giving it an exterior facelift? Whatever the reason you may be considering replacing your windows, it helps to know which wood window style are available to choose from so you can get the right look. There are many styles of wood windows, and we will explore them in detail to help you make an informed decision.

Wood Window Styles

If you are interested in installing wood windows, there are several styles to choose from. Depending on your home’s overall design and location, some styles may be more appropriate than others. Some may even offer better energy savings. It is important to keep the overall exterior appeal in mind when purchasing wood windows so your home can look its best. The following are some primary styles offered by EnergyShieldWindowsandDoors.com. They have a complete selection of top wood window styles with efficiency in mind.

  • Queen Anne
  • Tudor
  • Modern
  • Craftsman
  • Cape Cod

Queen Anne

Queen Anne style wood windows are big and bold and are double hung. In some cases, the homeowner can choose to have a conservative muntin design on the upper window. This style is seen typically in Victorian style homes and homes from the middle to late 1800s.


Tudor style wood windows are usually seen in groups of three and feature intricate grilled designs. They are also tall and narrow and are designed to give the European Middle Ages feel to the home. This style wood window should usually be paired with homes that echo this special style to give a complete look and feel.


The Modern style is known for using large picture windows without grilles or decorations. They are bold, sleek, and simple and allow plenty of light to enter a contemporary space. Sliders are a primary choice for these wooden windows.


The Craftsman style wood window features geometric mountain patterns. This style can be seen in a majority of Bungalow style homes and classic Craftsman style houses across the country.These windows are designed to stand out and add character.

Cape Cod

The Cape Cod style wood window is usually double hung and features a grille pattern that is 6 over 1 generally. There can be other numbers of patterns but this is the standard for most homes built in this style. The Cape Cod style is found predominately on the East Coast, but people all over the country have incorporated this style into their exterior facade.

Are you ready to shop for eye-catching wood windows to complete the look of your home? If so, check out the Energy Shield Windows and Doors website for more details about the products currently available and other valuable information that can help you select the right wood window style for your home to give you the look you want.