Moving House

Moving house can be an exciting time: Perhaps you are moving off to a whole new area, a different job or simply looking forward to renovating and making the new house your own. However, on the flip side it can also be a time filled with panic and stress. Selecting the right estate agent to sell your current house can be almost as daunting as buying a new one, as well as actually making the move. Even after you do get there, there will be a tonne of things to do on top: Change your doctor, your driving licence, your kids schools for example. The list can seem almost endless! There are some great books available that will help you get organised from start to finish. They not only include advice but even workbooks that can help you step by step through the selling, packing and moving process. All very useful but not everyone is into reading books which is why we have compiled this – The Essential Guide to moving house. All the most important steps brought together on one page!

1: A “To Do” List

Because there are so many things to organise a “to do” list is pretty much number one on the list. You might think you have a great memory and most of the tasks are so important, who would forget them anyway? You would be surprised how spun out you can become when you actually sell your house and prepare to move into another. Things that seemed “so simple” before can be overlooked and cause a whole new “can of worms” to deal with. Stress can make you do some curious things and even the most organised person can start feeling the pressure when it comes to moving house. Without doubt, number ONE, get your list organised while you are still sane…

2: Don’t Take on Too Much…

Of course, some people opt for moving themselves. They will deal with all the packing, hire a lorry, lug everything into it and off they go. No matter how organised you are an experienced removal company will “outwit” you every time! Get a few quotes (at least) and compare that to the costs of hiring a van, taking time off work, and not forgetting, your mental health. You might be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive a removal company is – And that will be one less VERY big thing to think about. Fred Butler from Sprint Removals, a leading removal company in Bristol, says always people pack far too much when moving when it should be an ideal time to shed some unwanted bits and pieces

3: Packing

Getting all your worldly possessions packed safely and organised is probably one of the most important jobs you will do. Some removal companies can do this for you. However, DIY is a way to keep costs down. Additionally, a lot of people simply do not like the idea of “strangers” handling their most prized and personal possessions. Around a month before moving start packing all those things that are not essential to the everyday running of your life. Then, slowly but surely continue from there.

Follow these simple guides and without doubt, when it comes to moving day you will be ready – Good luck!