New construction projects can be exciting for an office renovation or new housing development. They could also include a factory expansion. The aftermath of a construction project will include dirt, dust, and debris, which must be removed before the space can be used. This is where post-construction cleanup comes in.

This post will discuss what is included in post-construction cleaning and why you should invest in professional construction cleanup services.

What Is Involved in Post-construction Cleaning?

Although it is technically possible to do your post-construction cleaning, the majority of people opt to hire an expert cleaning service. Construction cleaning services are usually divided into two categories: Thorough cleaning, and finished interior cleaning.

The rough cleaning is done either while the construction is in progress or immediately after it is completed. It involves removing large debris, hazardous materials, and trash. It may also involve scrubbing surfaces between stages of construction in preparation for new flooring, or another layer.

A final interior clean is a more thorough cleaning that includes all surfaces, from top to bottom. This includes furniture, countertops, cabinets, and bathroom fixtures. It also includes kitchen and break room fixtures and baseboards.

Construction Leaves More than Dust and Debris

If not properly removed, construction materials such as glass, nails, and wires can become dangerous. The majority of business owners do not have the right cleaning products or the professional knowledge to remove hazardous materials from hidden crevices during and after construction.

It’s better to hire a cleaning service than to try and locate and remove dangerous debris yourself. Professional cleaners are trained to know what to look for and how to safely dispose of these items.

Construction Cleanup Regulations

EPA Regulations state that certain materials, such as paint and chemicals, must be disposed of in a specific way. If you are handling the cleanup, it can be challenging to navigate all of the agency regulations.

You or your construction company may be hit with heavy fines if you ignore these regulations. Professional cleaning services will dispose of materials in a safe and timely manner.

Professional Cleaning Protects Your New Space

You should hire professionals to handle your newly renovated site. It is important to remove residues and stickers from new materials, such as cabinets, windows, and doors, without damaging them. Some cleaning products can also have a negative reaction with certain surfaces or materials.

Cleaning services use advanced products and processes to ensure a thorough cleaning while avoiding any damage.

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